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Semi frameless glass pool fences are another great option to keep your pool fenced and secure. Like its frameless counterpart, semi frameless pool fencing offers a range of advantages, from unobstructed views to being tough and easy to keep clean. On top of this, it also offers a few unique advantages of its own, due there being metal posts between each glass balustrade.

Why not capture the best frameless glass pool fencing can offer whilst getting even more? This is what a semi frameless pool fence can do. For all your pool fence installation needs talk to us. We can install any glass fencing that you desire.

Unobstructed view

Similar to frameless pool fencing, semi-frameless pool fencing also offers unobstructed view of your pool and yard. This not only has an incredibly pleasing aesthetic quality to it, allowing you to soak in all the beauty of your backyard, but it’s also incredibly safe.

Nothing happening in your pool will go unseen or unnoticed, so you can be sure anyone in your pool is safe and secure. Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to pools and fencing. An unobstructed view means you can always maintain a close eye on your pool and keep everyone safe, whilst enjoying the amazing and stunning view.

Easier to keep clean

Pools can often be unhygienic places. Water can end up everywhere and, as such, gather in small nooks and crannies. Semi-frameless pool fences can be designed to mitigate this problem.

Due to their use of metal posts, they can be built so they are elevated off the ground. This creates a gap between the floor and glass panel, where water and other bacteria around your pool would have previously gathered and festered and been difficult to clean. This results in semi-framed pool fencing being a more hygienic option. This is without mentioning that the glass itself is easily maintained and kept clean, too.


Semi-frameless pool fencing is also flexible and can be installed and designed to suit a variety of needs. They can fit any space or place that is required. This means that even in backyards with limited space, semi-frameless pool fencing can be a great option.

No matter your situation in and around your pool, you can be sure that semi-frameless pool fencing can be made to fit your needs. If this sounds good to you, contact us now. We have all your glass fencing needs covered. We offer the best glass fencing.

More affordable

One of the greatest advantages semi frameless pool fencing has over frameless glass pool fencing is affordability. It offers many of the same advantages but is cheaper and easier to install. This is a result of requiring less labour and materials when it is installed.

This affordability is great for those who wish to get all the best advantages of a frameless fence, but simply don’t have the budget. All of the advantages at a better price? What could be better than that?


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